Monday, July 23, 2012

Social Stories By Pufferfish Software Giveaway


Social Stories is an ABA app designed to help special needs children and young adults understand social situations and give them tools to respond correctly to their environment, in their environment. Social Stories is designed to be easy to use and easy to understand.

Social Stories is an app for teaching children or young adults with learning challenges or special needs. A photo is paired with a line of text to show the child, to help visualize what they need to do or understand on each page. To create one of these ‘stories,’ tap the add button in the upper right hand corner and create a new story. Stories can be one or multiple pages.

Social Stories is loaded on an iPhone. The special needs teenage girl is getting ready to leave the house, and her normal therapist isn't there to walk her through her routine. Luckily, one is already loaded onto her iPhone. She can read the story like a book, and it will guide her through what she needs to do.


Customizable Text, and Pictures 
Multi-Page stories 
Clearly labeled page arrows 
Swipe functionality 
Easy-to-Use edit screen


The picture and text is designed to give each child a visual representation of good behavior, for kids who find it easier to communicate through visuals then through speech.
For example, Social Stories comes with a default story, On A Bus.

The child would open up the bus story, and it would say "Sit calmly and quietly on the bus." This makes it easy for a child to read, see, and understand what they have to do.

Social Stories also comes with two other default stories as well. These are not meant to be full stories, but examples of what you can do with the app.

Social Stories is available for purchase for $1.99 at the iTunes store!

 iTunes LinkSocial Stories


We have 3 copies of this fun and exciting app up for grabs,
Thanks to Pufferfish Software .
You can enter via the Rafflecopter below , Good Luck! 

Please remember , The first three options on the Rafflecopter are mandatory.
These unlock more options for you to collect more points for a better chance to win!

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