Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Math Martians HD - Cambridge English Online Giveaway

How fast can you solve the sums? Maths Martians is one of the most addictive addition teaching & learning iPad apps available, helping children to learn, practise and master addition while having lots of fun. With 12 beautifully-illustrated & animated levels (including +1, +2 Doubling, Doubling +1, and Mystery Numbers) this is a ‘big-screen’ app that can test, entertain and teach the whole family. It’s a great way to boost mental calculation skills. 

We’ve turned learning addition into a fun Martian bubble-popping game. Plus, it’s all against the clock. Tap through each set of twelve sums correctly and you’ll get enough energy from the cheeky Martians to help Spaceman Sam fly his rocket back to earth. If you fail to do it in time (60 seconds), he’ll be stuck on the red planet until you succeed. 

So, let our Maths Martians app give your child a head-start on their road to Maths success. Play with your child or play against them, however you play you’ll combine learning with fun. When it comes to taking the first fun steps towards successful numeracy/addition, we think it’s a hard app to beat. 

We know there are many different strategies to learning and teaching Maths, and this fun app can form one part of your approach. It is designed to be used over time; as your child’s Maths skills/knowledge improves, let them try new addition levels. 

It’s not just for kids! Test your children, learn with them, and most of all have fun, as you see how fast you can tap through the answers to the sums. Beat your own time, beat your friends’, and your family’s. Once you play, you’ll not want to stop. 

  Developed by online & mobile education specialists, Cambridge English Online Ltd, with 10 years’ experience creating fun online and mobile resources, Maths Martians has been tested and reviewed by teaching professionals and parents and aims to support National Curriculum guidelines on teaching and learning numeracy/addition. 

***** The Maths Martians iPad app series is already getting great reviews on: Kids iPhone App Review, The iPhone Mom & the iPad Fan. 


- 12 different addition-focused levels including: +1; +2; +5; +10; Bigger Numbers +1; Doubling; Doubling Bigger Numbers; Doubles +1; Bigger Numbers +5; Bigger Numbers +10, and Mystery Numbers 
- Each level has 12 sums (of varying difficulty) to test you on 
- Each level has its own help page to practise the sums you are being tested on. Support is only a click away 
- Martians give feedback when wrong answers are tapped 
- 12 correct answers and 4 distractors for each level 
- Beautifully illustrated & animated Martian/space theme to help engage & entertain 
- Kids improve their addition/maths while playing. 
- Ideal for children starting to learn addition and those more advanced-it can even test older kids and their parents 
- Boosts mental calculation/problem solving skills 
- Ideal for helping to develop fine motor skills 
- Great for in classroom teaching 
- Makes Maths fun! 


Check out the full Maths Martians app series on our developer page.

To keep up-to-date on our new app releases, and see our other apps, please visit: www.cambridgeenglishonline.com or visit your local App Store and search for ‘ Cambridge English Online’  

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Reviewed by Natalie DeAngelis

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