Monday, July 9, 2012

Math Guardians & Math Guardians Mini - Giveaway

We have 7 codes in total to give away for Math Guardians!!  It was Featured by Apple as "What's Hot" in the Educational Games Section!  We think it's HOT too :)  So enter via the Rafflecopter competitions below to get your hands on a copy. 
 If you want to just go and buy it, you can find Math Guardians for the iPad on iTunes HERE and Math Guardians Mini for the iPhone HERE on iTunes

Below is a video trailer of the game.


For the first time ever, Real-time Battles and Math Training merge to
present Math Guardians, an arcade-style math fighting game! Set in
a world where the native creatures defend their planet from an
invading mechanical alien force, the game features 2D fighting in
glorious HD with simple directional taps and uses in-game arithmetic
to charge up attacks. 

Awesome boss battles, dynamic animation,
unlockable creatures with unique attacks, and a leader board integrated
with Game Center encourage players to bring their A+ game!

Math Guardians is at its core an app that is designed to train and speed up you or or kid's mental arithmetic skills.
The game is aimed at ages 8 and above (all the way to adults). All creatures are unlockable through a series of challenges, the game has No In-app Purchases.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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