Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Our Feature Member this week is 14yr old Roizy. Roizy is non-verbal as a result of having Apraxia of Speech. She also has Developmental Delay, Hypotonia, Intellectual Impairment and Encephalopathy/Epilepsy. 

Roizy's developmental level is the same as a 2yr olds. She has been on medication for her seizures since she was 2yrs old and they are administered through her gtube three times daily. She also gets admitted twice a year to the hospital for video EEG's (brain scans for seizures).

She can't express herself verbally and gets very frustrated. Having an iPad will give her have a voice and be heard.

Thing that always makes her parents smile is.. "she really gets us mad when she doesn't listen to us. But she comes over to us and says "sowy" whenever she knows she did wrong."

Please help to get Roizy her iPad by donating as little as $1 by clicking on the link below and/or sharing her story around FB. Thanks

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