Sunday, July 22, 2012

Adventures Of One Sock Book Review!

About the Author:

Roy has always been a storyteller by nature.  He loves reading to his kids but mostly making up stories to entertain them as well.  It seemed only natural that he would turn that into a children’s book for his son.  Racer (aka One Sock) is 6 years old and at the age of 3 his parents Roy and Lisa were told that he had Autism.  It hasn’t always been an easy road but writing about him has made it easier for Roy as a father.  When Roy decided to turn it into a published series he let Racer pick the artist he liked best.  Racer was and has been part of the entire process since the start, and it has been a great father/son bonding experience.

Roy's first book in this series, Adventures of One Sock "The Lion"
is a fun tale about a child with Autism that gets spooked when he spots what he thinks is a lion in a neighbor’s yard while on his walk to school with his dad.
Adventures of One Sock:  My Pal Rodger, is the second in the series of books.  

About the book:
One day Daddy comes home with some good news and even better news!
All the kids are very excited to find they are going to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, One Sock is very excited to hear about the second news, to which he discovers they have a new
Family Member Rodger. Until Rodger discovers One Sock's favorite toy Alligator, then all matter of mischief starts.

The One Sock series is a peak into how One Sock sees his world.  
This fun and very creative story, is well written by Roy and the illustrations by Natalie Sivla really bring it to life.
One Sock is a great way to show parents a world through the eyes of a child who has autism   but at the same time it is a story that any child can relate too.  These books not only highlight the highs and lows, attachments but also shows a close bonding of family,love and understanding.
  My Thoughts : I think this is a great book for any child whether it be for special needs understanding
or just a fun book to read a night to your kids.  My son loved it and had a great giggle with me when i read it too him.  He was saying "oh no" and "poor alligator " and things like "Oh no his eye" and covered his eye .  You could also use this book to kids who are not diagnosed to give them a better understanding and awareness on what it is like to have autism or any other special needs diagnosis.  
  You can purchase this book from: CreateSpace : Adventures Of One Sock Or on Amazon : Adventures Of One Sock Visit Roy and Lisa On Facebook : Adventures Of One Sock Facebook Page
Reviewed by Natalie DeAngelis

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