Sunday, April 29, 2012

ENDED: WIN: $20 iTunes Gift Card OR $20 Amazon Gift Card


One of our iHelpers, Sherri Burgen is kindly donating a $20 Gift Card to help encourage donations to our Feature Member 12yr old Dawson who has Autism and is non-verbal.  Dawson is fundraising for an iPad so that he can use it as a communication device with the aid of an AAC app also. 

ENTER via the Rafflecopter below and please share this competition with your friends and family! 

Ended: WIN: Hoot - donated by "Just Monkey'ing Around" - AUSTRALIANS ONLY COMP


WIN: 'Hoot' the Owl by Just Monkey'ing Around

Who's kids love Giggle and Hoot?  I know all 4 of mine do!  Up for grabs this week is a Hoot from Just Monkey'ing Around.  They have a large range of hand-made toys and are happy to customize them to suit your child's personality and preferences.  

Just fill in the simple form below to go into the draw!  Winner announced on Sunday 6th May at around 8pm.  Invite your friends and family to like Just Monkey'ing Around on Facebook too so that they can enter also.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ended: WIN:1 of 2 $25 Pretty Princess Gift Vouchers - AUSTRALIANS ONLY

Competition closes 5th May 2012 at 8.00PM (AEST) - winner announced shortly after.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Feature Member: DAWSON

This handsome young man is Dawson, our new Feature Member on iHelp SN Kids.  Dawson is 12 years old and has Autism.  He is non-verbal and needs an iPad to use as a communication device. 

 At the moment he uses a limited amount of sign language to communicate - which is great, but not many people know sign language :(

PLEASE consider making a small donation or help him by sharing his Chipin page.  The wonderful folks at Abitalk Mobile Education Apps are donating $1 for every new liker they get too!  More information here: 'Like' ABITALK on FB and they will donate $1 to Dawson

'Like' Abitalk on FB and $1 will be donated to Dawson!

Abitalk Mobile Education Apps  have just announced that they will donate $1 to our Feature Member Dawson for every new liker that they get that comments HERE ON THIS POST that iHelp SN Kids sent them!

Please go and like them and ask your friends to do this as well!

Thanks heaps Abitalk!!

This is their announcement post:

Hi, Everyone I would like to Make a Very Special Announcement on Behalf of and First I would like to say having 3 Children of my own I didn’t know what it felt like for all the other parents who have Autistic or on the Spectrum children till I had Aiden. I only knew what I saw from my Best Friend and what she was going through. How she Fought for her son. I admired her tons. Today he son is 18 and was named student of the month at his school.My Love, Admiration and Blessings go out to all the Parents, Children and Adults who fight everyday to show the world this can handled and they can live a Fulfilled Life. All we ask for is to show some respect and understanding. YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU WALK THE BOOTS WE WALK IN EVERYDAY. God Bless you all ..Thank you for help and time. – Dina 
PLEASE READ & Find it in your heart. Thank you will donate $1 to @iHelp SN Kids New Feature Member Dawson (up to $100) for each new liker Abitalk gets that comments on THIS status update that iHelp SN Kids sent you. 
Dawson is a 12yr old non-verbal boy with Autism and needs an iPad to use as a communication device. Please share this post and make a donation if you can too.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

REVIEW: Make a Word 1 by Abitalk


 Phonics Make a Word 1

by Abitalk

Abitalk  make a range of different educational apps focused on teaching children to spell using phonics.  Their apps specifically target different reading/spelling skills, such as long vowels and short vowels.  I find by having separate apps to work on different phonics helps to not overload the child with too much information at once.

Today I am reviewing Phonics Make a Word 1 which is a great app to work specifically on recognizing short vowel sounds while also teaching spelling.  I counted only 138 words in total but on the iTunes description it says that there are 30 words for each vowel, so 150 new words for your child to learn to spell whilst also gaining awareness in to the phonic structure and also being able to relate the word to the picture.

Having several Abitalk apps in  these different categories allows your child to focus on and perfect these words in a familiar format.  In Phonics Make a Word 1 they are mainly CVC words.  CVC words are words that begin with a consonant, followed by a short vowel and end in a consonant.

All parents and teachers want their kids to be able to spell and read easily, and studies have shown that learning phonics is an effective way to teach children to read.  Kids can use this app to perfect these skills and get a head-start on their peers!

MULTIPLE USER ACCOUNTS!!!!!  You can easily add new users and track each of their progress in the progress report section for each user.  My 5yr old son wasn't too happy with his name being in a pink love heart, but got over it quickly enough! 

(NB: this is an old screenshot - in version 1.02 the social media links have been removed - YAY)

I like that there is some room to customize the App, such as choosing between the letter sounds or names, you can have capitalized or lower case letters.

The most important custom settings feature for my use is being able to choose if the letters need to be placed in order or can be dropped randomly.  This is an important feature for me having 4 young kids of various levels as I am able to set the letters to be randomly placed for my 3 yr old, but I would expect my 5 & 7 year old to spell the word in the correct order.  By having this feature, this app can be appropriate for children as young as 2 up to about 7yrs old.

If your child is having trouble spelling the word, they just have to touch 'Spelling' and the word will be spelled out for them by briefly showing one letter at a time.  Once they have spelled a word, it is highlighted in the Word List (which can then be unlighted in the Progress Report section).

Click on these links to purchase Phonics Make a Word 1 on iTunes:

USA      Australia     Canada     Europe

Suggestions for the developer:

I would like to see the buzzer sound taken out when the letter is placed correctly in the word as you can not hear the sound of the letter very well.

It would be more exciting for the child if the image were to move/spin around once the word is spelled correctly as is done in ABC Phonics Word Family. Or maybe have the turtles carry the word off when it's finished? 

My kids weren't too interested/motivated by the 5 ribbons so instead of using the star ribbons as pre-rewards system you could cut the reward (the sticker the child is working towards) into puzzle pieces and have them along the top of the page where the ribbons are and highlight one piece when they spell words correctly.  Once they obtain all 5 pieces, they get to take a short break from the activity and put the puzzle together with the pieces they have earned.

If the custom settings could be 'hidden' in each users profile, so the kids could not easily access them and change it to suit them it would save me from swiping little hands away from that part of the screen numerous times each session!  If they were hidden, you could also move the option to delete the user in there, rather than the main page.

In my opinion, the Spelling tab could be removed.  I'm not sure why there are two tabs on the same page with this same function (the V character and the Spelling tab).

I find it interesting that the word knob (with a silent K) would be used in an entry-level phonics app.  

After playing with it for quite a while and completing several vowel groups - I never came across the bonus game that is mentioned in iTunes. 

FUNDRAISER : Help Our Awesome Admin's Son, Harrison

Hey everyone, one of our hard working iHelp Admins Natalie has had to start a fundraiser to get her own son some help.

She is raising funds so that handsome Harrison can see a Specialist Paediatrician and also get some much-needed Speech Therapy.  Please donate or share his Fundraising page on your social networks.

Harrison's Cause Page Link (click me) 

Nat's going through a rough patch and is unable to work due to medical problems that she has herself and her husband's work hours have just been cut.  She has called all of the possible service providers only to be told that they can't help unless he has an ASD diagnosis.  There is a long wait list for him to begin Early Intervention, so she has taken it into her own hands to do something to help him NOW when he needs it the most.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood ~ App By Gerardo Iula

We at iHelp would like to introduce you to Gerardo Iula. He is the developer for Simiula. He has taken classic stories and turned them into apps.

They are beautifully drawn by Graziano Vitale with an amazing narration as well! The best thing about this app besides the artwork is the auto scroll for the book. Instead of tapping for pages to flip the story side scrolls on its own. I love that feature for kids with limited mobility and younger readers.

For the next two days he has generously made his Little Red Riding Hood App FREE. So go download it! Its a really cute app and has an addition puzzle game that is different each time you play it. Also check out the other apps by him, there are many classic tales in there for kids to read or have read to. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

REVIEW: Sentence Builder - Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade by Abitalk


 Sentence Builder - Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade 

by Abitalk

I was fortunate to win a code for this App on Abitalk's Facebook Page during the week and I am SO impressed with it that I thought I'd write my first blog review about it!  I am always on the lookout for good apps to help specifically with Speech Therapy sessions I do at home with my 3 children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Sentence Builder will now be used on a daily basis both at home and in their School settings.

Sentence Builder is not only great for teaching younger children how to structure a sentence correctly - but is an excellent tool to use for building receptive speech skills and will also help to build your child's vocabulary. 

Level 1:

Level 1 has 35 pre-installed simple sentences starting at 3-word sentences and gradually increases to 9-word sentences. Some of which also include days of the week (in sequence) for children to learn at the same time. There are no incorrect words added into this level, so there is less room for error from the child that is beginning to learn sentence structure and spelling.

Level 2:

Level 2 also has 35 pre-installed sentences which range from 3-9 word sentences.  In this level however, there are additional words added in to be able to chosen from.  In some pictures there are also capitalized words and also all lower-case words in which your child has to choose the correct option in order to build the sentence correctly. 

Create your own lesson:

It's important for me to be able to customize apps to suit my children and Sentence Builder has this important feature as well!  It's easy and quick to add a sentence and simple to edit if you make a mistake. You just have to choose a picture from your Camera Roll, then type your sentence and record the sentence.  You then record each individual word and can add extra words (like in Level 2) if you want. 

General Information:

When you touch a word it says it out aloud which is a helpful feature for children who are in the early stages of learning how to spell.  The voice-over on the pre-installed sentences is very clear and easy to understand. If your child gets distracted or stuck, you can push the sound button for the sentence to be repeated.  

There is a nice little round of applause when you build the sentence correctly by dragging the words and full stop or question/exclamation mark to the column at the bottom of the page. Alternatively there is a game show-like sound when you do not place the words in the correct order.

I love that Sentence Builder has realistic and colorful but not over-stimulating (for my kids with ASD) images.

Suggestions for the Developer:

I think it may be a little more motivating for children if a rewards system was also built into the app - for instance simple 'stickers' that they can collect for each 5 or 7 correctly built sentences.  

It would also be great to see updates released around the different holidays for specific sentences relative to the events that take place around that time.

Video Demonstrations of Sentence Builder:

Level 1 and 2

Create your own lesson

Buy Sentence Builder:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coming up on iHelp SN Kids!

Here Is A Sneak Preview !

This is just two if the many awesome Apps and developers .
Who will be showcased on iHelp SN Kids in the coming weeks! 

iHome Educator , Inc

iLiveMath Trains !

The natural language engine also generates questions around the art of stamp collecting, trade, countries, and currency. Do you remember the joy of riding your first train? The excitement as you felt the whistle blow and the engineer call "All Aboard!". Did you ever collect stamps as a child or as an adult? . iLiveMath Trains includes over 60 photos of trains, educational links, and educational videos with a natural language word problem generator that creates an endless stream of questions to challenge and engage your  Child or Students.  



A & R Entertainment , Educative Games 

Super 3D Alphabet !


A Puzzle Game for Kids to play with Letters of the Alphabet in 26 Puzzles and 4 other Games.The alphabet has 26 letters, your children will be able to discover them through 3D puzzles of each letter.Four other games are also included, to extend the pleasure of discovering the alphabet : 2 memory games, one visual and one acoustic, a game to draw letters and another one to recognize their pronunciations.Super 3D alphabet is the perfect game to have fun discovering the letters of the alphabet.                                       



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feature Member - Kaylie

Introducing our new Feature Member, Kaylie.  

Please take a few minutes and watch the above video featuring Kaylie's story and pictures.  If it tugs at your heart strings, please click on the Chipin widget below and make a donation to give a voice to this beautiful girl who has gone through SO much in her 8 years.

Kaylie is 8 years old & only weighs 35 lbs. & is 38 inches tall. She was born premature with a multitude of medical problems. She suffered a stroke during birth which left her weakened and has caused difficulty with walking. She has Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Down Syndrome, Asthma Reactive Airway, Hypothyroidism, enlarged red blood cells, Peripheral Pulmonary Stenosis, Peripheral Artery Disease, heart Murmur, Hepatic problems & Laryngotracheomalacia. She is O2 dependent & breathes through a Tracheostomy. She has to use a Gastrointestinal Tube to eat, which causes difficulty speaking. Kaylie can communicate through American Sign Language, but as most people do not know ASL, this causes a lot of frustration for her. She does understand what's said to her.

Augmentative and alternative communication represents all forms of non-oral speech. Children with speech issues rely on non-verbal communication, either through body language, hand signs or through aided communications systems. Many special needs children use speech generating devices, but are met with different levels of success. The iPad is giving these children a new form of communication, at an affordable price. Speech Generating Devices can run intothe thousands of dollars, but the iPad is comparatively only $499+. The iPad is a great alternative for children with speech challenges and motor control problems, as the iPad is easy to use with its large touchscreen and swipe controls.

Remember: Even $1.00 is $1.00 closer to Kaylie receiving an iPad!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

ENDED: CONTEST: Thumbs up picture competition

iHelp SN Kids wants to know just how much you 'LIKE' us!!


Submit a picture of yourself or someone else HERE giving us the THUMBS UP.  You can submit as many photos as you like by the submission end date (midnight AEST 27 Apr 2012).  Then you and all your friends can vote for your favourite entry starting Midnight AEST 17 Apr 2012. 

The 2 pictures with the most votes will WIN A PRIZE PACK Valued at over $125 each!!


The 2 photos with the most votes at the time of the competition closing (midnight AEST 27 Apr 2012) will EACH win a prize pack including:

1 x Trident Aegis Case for iPad 2 (valued at $39.95)
1 x $25 iTunes Gift Card
1 x $25 ZAGG Gift Card
1 x Paperclip Robot BubCaps Explorer 6-Pack (valued at $7.99)
1 x LYNKtec "The Soldier Drinks" ArtCloth (valued at $14.95)
2 x Kiddie Food Kutters knives (valued at $9.99ea) 

Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting iHelp SN Kids

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ENDED - Raffle: Hanoli Style Handbag

Hanoli Style have donated this HOT HOT HOT Handbag on behalf of Melissa Krohn.  

This competition is exclusive to people who donate $2 or more to our current Feature Member Mia's fundraising page which can be found HERE

Make a donation, then enter the Rafflecopter found below (and on our Facebook page)

a $2 donation gets you 2 entries
a $5 donation gets you 5 entries
a $10 donation gets you 10 entries
a $20 donation gets you 20 entries

(NB: if you make a $10 donation, enter the $2,$5 & $10 options on Rafflecopter and you will receive the 10 entries) 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feature Member - Mia - 11 April 2012

Introducing Mia, our new Feature Member!! Mia is 2 yrs old and has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

Mia's sensory issues are major and she has great difficulty communicating and relies a lot on pictures ( and screaming). She has been attending Early Intervention for 12 months already and attends Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and will start physiotherapy soon.

Her mum, Nicole is raising funds to buy her an iPad with 32gb, wifi & 3G. By having an iPad, she will be able to learn things visually, and use an AAC to communicate.

She has made her mother very proud recently when she learnt to say "Ma" :)

Below is the link to her MyCause fundraising page. PLEASE help give this adorable girl a voice :) EVERY dollar contributed is greatly appreciated - and if you can't contribute, please share this post.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

ENDED - Giveaway: Paperclip Robots BubCap Explorer Packs

GIVEAWAY   !!!! 

4 x BubCap Explorer 6-Packs

Explorer Pack consists of:
2 x Regular
2 x Ultra
2 x Max

Paperclip Robot have an exciting, innovative product that EVERYONE who has an iOS device AND  children should be using.  They will save your sanity and give you more Parental Control over your iPad/iPhone or iPod Touch.  BubCap is a plastic cap about the size of a guitar pick that is rigid enough to deter toddlers from pushing the home button (continuously!) yet flexible enough to allow an adult to activate the home button with a firm press.  Bubcaps can be used successfully underneath  protective device cases.  

We are excited to have 4 x BubCap Explorer Packs to give away to our wonderful supporters! 
Enter below via Rafflecopter

ENDED - Giveaway: Billy Mac Clothing Custom made T-shirt

Another fantastic giveaway from billy mac clothing !!


Who wants to win a custom made T-shirt from billy mac clothing? ME! lol, sadly I can't enter. But here is how you could win...

1. 'like' the billy mac clothing Facebook page
2. Check out the very cool T-shirt designs
3. Come back to THIS post on iHelp's FB page and tell us which design (in any of the ranges) is your favourite
4. The winner will be chosen randomly at about 10pm EST (Aust) tonight.

This is an AUSTRALIA ONLY competition due to the cost of postage.

Here's Jackie's favourite of the custom made T 's

ENDED - Giveaway: TRIDENT Aegis case for iPad2

PRIZE: 1 x Ballistic Green TRIDENT Aegis Case
ENTER:  via Rafflecopter below or COMPETITIONS tab on Facebook
OPEN: Worldwide
VALUE: $39.95

Sleek and Stylish
A perfect blend of sophistication and durability, the Aegis is the ideal protective solution for the iPad2. With a slim and modern design, the case also features a built-in polycarbonate kickstand to accommodate media viewing.

Trident Case have been continuous supporters of iHelp SN Kids since our very first Feature Member :)  

They have ummmm interesting product durability testing too!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ENDED - Giveaway: TapToTalk 1 YR Subscription

The amazing Assistyx LLC Developers of Tap To Talk have generously given us a 1 YEAR subscription (Value of $99.95 USD) for their Tap To Talk Designer!!

While the app is free, the year subscription unlocks the entire library that Tap To Talk offers! You can download the free app here and decide if this app is something your child can benefit from. Even if you don't own an Apple product, Tap To Talk works on many devices including Kindle Fire, Nintendo DSi and DSi XL, Nook Color and Nook Tablet, Droid phones and tablets, Blackberry Playbook, Web-PC, MAC and Smartboard in addition to the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!

Tap To Talk is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) program. You can program it to be able to speak for your child with a simple touch of their finger! With the Tap To Talk Designer you are able to use over 2,000 pictures and create albums for every possible situation for your child. With those capabilities Tap To Talk is the must have AAC app for all children with special needs.

Check out their website and "like" them on Facebook
Come back and enter to win a one year subscription from them by leaving a comment and telling us how this could help your child. Please also leave a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner.

Drawn 7th April 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ENDED - Giveaway: Abilipad by Appy Therapy

We have another code from Appy Therapy for Abilipad to give to someone deserving.  Please watch the videos below, read about it iTunes and comment here on the blog why you want the Abilipad App.  Leave your email address so we can contact you if you win.   Drawn 7th April 2012

Abilipad Tutorial Part 1 - covers the Notepad functions, including text-to-speech, word prediction, folder organisation and text editing.

Abilipad Tutorial Part 2 - covers keyboard editor functions including how to edit a saved keyboard and how to upload and download keyboards to the community share section.

ENDED - Giveaway: $25 iTunes Gift Card from SOFTWARE SMOOTHIE

SOFTWARE SMOOTHIE $25 iTunes Gift Card Competition

We all know how awesome Software Smoothie and their Felt Board app is right??!! They have just become another level of awesome because they have given us a $25 iTunes Gift Card to give away 

Simple to enter:
1.  Go and 'like' SOFTWARE SMOOTHIE on Facebook
2. Comment on THIS FACEBOOK POST what you think the best thing about their Felt Board app is 

Here's a link to Felt Board in iTunes so you can check it out 

And voila!!!  you will be entered into the draw for the $25 iTunes Gift Card :)  Winner drawn by and announced in approx 48 hrs (11am Thursday 5th April AEST)

ENDED - Giveaway: Gab n Go Harness by Safe n Sound Mobile

Win a Gab n Go Harness 
 Safe n Sound Mobile

It’s no secret that AAC devices can bring the world of a language to a non-verbal child.  What’s not as known, however, is how to overcome the biggest challenge of investing in one – getting your child to actually use it.  Due to the accessibility of these devices, many end up damaged, lost, or on the shelf – where they are no use to your child. 
Safe n Sound Mobile has developed a solution to change that – our new patent-pending Gab n Go harness. It puts the AAC device where it needs to be – right in front -- making communication for your child easy, accessible, and timely.

This unique solution, designed for iPhone/iPod AAC devices, features –
  • A comfortable, fully adjustable, washable harness that positions the mobile device out front, thereby maximizing accessibility and eliminating communication delays. 
  • An outward facing, 500 mW, fully rechargeable attached speaker that ensures your child will be heard.  
  •  Easy to remove cables that connect all the components.
  • A securing component to protect the mobile device from loss or damage.

Harness the power of your AAC device today.
Your AAC device was a smart investment to help your child communicate. Get the most of it by purchasing a Gab n Go harness. You’ll discover how rewarding communication can be.

Due to the cost of postage for this item, this competition is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY.  Please remember to thank Safe n Sound Mobile here on FACEBOOK for donating such a wonderful, innovative product to our App & Prize Party.

To enter, please comment below WHY YOU WANT TO WIN THIS PRIZE AND WHO IT WOULD BE USED BY...

Winner will be chosen by Kristen from Safe n Sound Mobile on the 7th April, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

ENDED - Giveaway: Pretty Princess $50 Voucher (AUS COMP ONLY)

Pretty Princess $50 Gift Voucher Competition

The lovely Emma from Pretty Princess has a vast array of products for your very own Pretty Princess and even some things for your Prince Charming :)

Click HERE to browse through the Pretty Princess on-line store - there are 
heaps of categories such as:
* Princess Wardrobe
* Princess Bedroom
* Princess Bathtime
* Princess Playtime
*Prince Charming
+ more

This competition is open to AUSTRALIAN residents only due to the fact that postage is not included in the prize.

Enter via the Rafflecopter below (also found on our FB Page in the COMPETITIONS TAB) for a chance to win this fantastic prize!!


(voucher to be used on Pretty Princess online store only.  Pretty Princess online store only.  Available to be used on all items excluding postage and not available with any other offer.)

ENDED - Giveaway: Elfishki and the Unwelcome Guest have given us 5 Codes for 

Elfishki and The Unwelcome Guest !

This amazing Interactive book is like no other. With captivating texts designed to develop your child's conscious reading skills, stunning interactive art, classic animation and videos. It boasts professional audio voice-over of the story so your child can listen along with the text.

It even has a bonus game specifically designed to test your child's attention to detail.
It is sure to be a MASSIVE hit with your kids !

I watched this trailer for the App and then had iTunes open within 2 seconds clicking the BUY APP button to purchase it :) I was surprised that it was only $2.99 (AUD) and after reading it with the kids and playing the game, I would have happily paid that amount JUST for the bonus game.

It is tailored for use by 6 - 9yr olds but my 3 and 4yr olds were captivated by it also and wouldn't give up their iPads until they had everything in the bag in the bonus game !

Elfishki also have a really well designed website - HERE - where you can sign up to be first in line for exclusive content and updates.  There are also other video trailers to their other Apps which the kids an I can't wait to check out.

To win a copy of "Elfishki and the Unwelcome Guest" enter via the Rafflecopter below or the COMPETITIONS tab on iHelp SN Kids page.

Or just head straight to iTunes and purchase it HERE

Sunday, April 1, 2012

ENDED - Giveaway: Where's Smart Apps for Kids?? Trident Aegis Case


Find THIS ----> <---- on ANOTHER iHelp blog page

and Comment on the Blog post where you find it - 
(include your Facebook name or preferably an email address) to go into the draw for a

Winner drawn at approx midday on 4 April 2012 (AEST)

ENDED - Giveaway: 10 x Skosh Stylus from LYNKtec

Do yourself a favour (as Molly Meldrum would say) and go and 'Like' LYNKtec on Facebook!

On the LYNKtec website you will find great quality 'must-have' products if you own a touchscreen device.  Their products range from stylish stylus' to funky iPad/ePad/Tablet "Smart Stands" to the necessary Microfibre Cleaning Cloths - which LYNKtec jazz-up by printing a variety of your favourite artwork on.

Lynktec have been extremely generous in giving us 10 Skosh Styluses/stylus'/styli worth $14.95ea to give away during our App & Prize Party!!  So we want EVERYONE to know about this wonderful company !
To go in the draw for a SKOSH Stylus from LYNKtec enter below via the Rafflecopter tab ;)

ENDED: 50% OFF Cloth for Comfort - Weighted Lap Bags

Julie at Cloth for Comfort is offering these 4 x Weighted Lap Bags (valued at $42) to the first four  Australians to make a new donation of $20 or more to either

 BAILEY - OUR FEATURE MEMBER   goal reached 

If you want one email us at with proof of your donation and which pattern you prefer.  First in best dressed to pick the style !! I will update this post to let you know which one/s are remaining.

Blue and white stripes -  SOLD

Calico - decorate your own!

2 x Zany

These Cloth for Comfort Weighted Lap Bags are used in many home, 
clinical, school and work environments for those living with (but not 
limited to) Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism, ADHD, ADD, Anxiety and 
Restless Leg Syndrome.

Deep pressure can stimulate the release of serotonin in the brain, in turn helping children and adults to be calm, relaxed, focus on a task and self regulate their sensory input. In a practical sense, Weighted Lap Bags can be placed on the child/adults lap at times like; at a restaurant sitting at the table, during seated 
classroom activities, doing their homework on a computer, travelling on public transport/car as well as in the workplace or home computer for adults.

They are filled with non-toxic plastic pellets (the same that are used in some teddy bears and soft toys). The shape of these Weighted Lap Bags makes them 'mould' to the shape of a child in the seated position, with the pellets divided evenly between 2 rows of 5 sections each to ensure balanced weight distribution, with the centre sections sitting inbetween their legs to make a more 'snug' or 'moulded' fitting over their legs, to make the fitting more secure over their legs.

The weighted lap bags are 1.5kg and are approx 45cm x 28cm. These Cloth 
for Comfort Weighted Lap Bags are fully machine washable and they are 
covered by a single layer of material, and sewn using a heavyweight 
cotton thread. 

These Cloth for Comfort weighted Lap Bags (valued at $42each), are discontinued stock as the new design now has a double layer of material enclosing the pellets. As they are now discontinued I needed to find them another home and thought iHelp SN Kids could use these to raise some further funds for the incredibly deserving children they support!

ENDED - Giveaway: Stories 2 Learn + Video Scheduler

Our Friends from Look2Learn have very generously donated 5 codes EACH for Stories 2 Learn and Video Scheduler


Stories 2 Learn  (Value of $14.99) offers parents and educators the ability to create personalized stories using photos, text, and audio messages. These stories can be used to promote an individual’s literacy, leisure, as well as social skills. It comes preloaded with 12 finely crafted social narratives that can be used to teach social skills in the areas of reciprocal play, non-verbal communication, playground and school rules, turn taking, and more (please note that there are six actual stories with two different ways to view the story depending on the individual’s developmental level). 
Link to Stories 2 Learn in iTunes

Video Scheduler (Value $13.99) is rated #1 Most Downloaded Educational App on iTunes. Video Scheduler offers a variety of features in an easy to use interface allowing maximum customization. These features include various orientation locks, which prevent students from engaging in stimulatory behaviors with the video. Users can also select from three video and picture sizes. There’s also a pass code function, which can be applied to prevent users from skipping around to preferred aspects of their schedule. 
Link to Video Scheduler in iTunes

Check out Look2Learn's website HERE for more useful Assistive Voice and Social Solutions Software 

There are 2 Rafflecopters below to enter these fantastic competitions!!