Sunday, June 24, 2012

Smart Apps for Kids 11th iPad Giveaway

Our fine friends over at Smart Apps for Kids are up to their 11th iPad giveaway!

There are heaps of different things that you can do in order to gain entries, 

so head on over & enter!!  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vocabulary Tracker Pro - $1 from every sale goes to iHelp's FM

Just wanted to remind everyone that $1 from every sale of Vocabulary Tracker Pro is generously donated directly to our Feature Members by the developer Generate Learning.

It costs only $8.99 and you can buy it HERE on iTunes

Keep up to date with Generate Learning on Facebook by 'Liking' their page Educational Apps or check out their website where you can view their whole range of apps!


Vocabulary Tracker Pro is a custom designed tool for speech therapists and teachers.

It makes tracking vocabulary development easy. Simply enter sentences for each child and it analyses their total vocabulary, length of sentences or utterances, numbers and percentages for mispronounced and unintelligible words.
Words can be added directly to the vocabulary list without affecting the sentence length data. Pronunciations for mispronounced words are stored in the mispronounced word list.

All of the sentences are date-stamped and stored and can be emailed, along with all the vocabulary statistics.

Vocabulary Tracker Pro supports unlimited children. Adding extra children to the list is easy, and data can be reset for single children or all children.

Load the app on to your iPod, iPhone and iPad. The one download can be run on all the iOS4+ devices you own.


Supports unlimited children
Tracks number of words, average sentence length, longest sentence, percentage words unintelligible, number of words unintelligible, percentage words mispronounced, number of words mispronounced
Stores mispronounced words and how they were pronounced
Stores date-stamped copies of all sentences entered
All data, word list, and sentences can be emailed
Data can be reset for one child or all children
App works on all your iOS devices running iOS4+

Giveaway: 4 x Trident Kraken AMS case for iPad 2nd & 3rd gen

We have 4 Trident Kraken AMS Cases to give away - 1 per week for the next 4 weeks!  They are for the New iPad, but are backwards compatible with the iPad 2 as well.  ENTER BELOW! 


Complete Protection
Constructed from impact-resistant textured polycarbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve. Corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts. The Inner Silicone Skin has a Rib grip design, in the company of the rear PC Indentation for a comfortable hold. Soft silicone front home button. All materials are 100% RoHS compliant. Light fluid RESISTANT

Clear PET Screen Shield
Built-in screen protector seals edges of the device and protects the front camera from guards the device from fingerprints, smudges, scratches and moisture while maintaining complete touchscreen interactivity. 

Dust and Debris Insulation
The headphone jack and the 30-pin connector port are fully protected under silicone plugs when not in use. The speaker is protected underneath a micro dust filter, keeping out dust and debris particles. 

Firm Clasps
The top of the case is outfitted with snap tight hinges for maximum security and a reliable hold. PLEASE REMOVE and replace with Screw Indentations on Front PC for best unification with Back PC.

Audio Enhancer
There is a rear audio scoop that redirects the audio to the front of the case. 

AMS-T Attachments (Purchase separately) 
- Magnet (Coming Soon)

Here's a video review done by a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ETHAN - Feature Member

Our spunky new Feature Member is ETHAN!!! 
Ethan is completely non-verbal and he is also visually impaired.  Ethan was born at 23 weeks and has had a very rough road. 

Sheena has started this Fundraiser on behalf of Ethan's Mother Heidi Hodder to get Ethan a 32gb iPad, protective case and a few apps to get him started out.   An iPad can give him a way to communicate his wants and needs and it is also great tool for vision therapy. 

Every dollar counts!  She has witnessed the positive things that comes from an iPad and really thinks this could change his life. Sheena is only the organizer and all of the money donated goes directly to Heidi and Ethan via paypal. If you can't donate please share with your friends and family. 

Thank you!

Monday, June 18, 2012

iWant... A Visual text and Audio Communicator for all ages!

A wonderful story about how an Australian father who happens to live locally to me has created apps to help his son (and many others who own them) to communicate via the iPad xxx

Thanks heaps Anthony for sharing with us.

"iWant.. is another App for my Joshua and all other kids and adults"

The iWant..App has arrived.

The Communication Solution App. Specifically designed for you and your needs!
Using your iPad, iPod and/or iPhone, just scroll through the images you created, select your request, tap on it, it will expand to a full screen image with the photo, text and voices audio request, hold it up to the person or people to simply and quickly communicate.

Create your own request by photographing your 'want', or simple select an image from your photo collection, type your request and then use your own voice to record audio, that will ask for your request, then save; SIMPLE and you have created it specifically for you!!

Joshua, my beautiful autistic son response better when he see an image of my face, rather than a stick drawing or the picture provided in the App. This is also true with his mums voice rather than a stranger, this means, other people must also benefit and respond better when iWant.. is design and created specific for the person’s needs, which means they request to communicate with their guardian, family member’s, careers or teachers or the public with confidence and ease.
For both children and adults with communication difficulties we have the best way to quickly and easy communicate by "asking I want......!!"

A Full Screen image, text and a voice over makes communicating highly effective. There are a few excellent Apps on the market now. Expensive, with 1000's of choices and options, all on one page!. We have found that Joshua has about 60 regular demands. So we created 60 images ready for him to look through and select. 20 images fit to an iPad page and you have the ability to scroll up and down to select your 'iWant.."image.
With Joshua for example, we take a picture of our backyard so he can select an image that he already knows and understands so it becomes easy for him to recognize and select to show and play, "i want to go play in our backyard please"; We do the same with his favourite park, our bathroom, his juice cup, etc, everything is tailored to his specific needs; and now you can do the same for your love one, friend or student with a special need.

I’m just a dad, nearly 50, trying to help his son, iWant.. and i can now say, Joshua a few days ago came to he held up his drink, I signed and said, "speaking", he responded, "I want juice"!!! for me I know i have helped my son, it will take time and effort for him, but he has gone forward and now I know it will also help other kids and adults as well as their families, careers, schools, Speech therapist, school mates and friends, the public, etc.; I believe iWant.. can assist in creating communication.

iWant; the affordable communication solution App you will use!

Please also look out for iSpoke Flash Cards: create your own albums with your own themes, again designed for you!

One news article

Joshua was also on the TODAY SHOW

18 Codes for TransEz from CanDo Apps

As promised by CanDo Apps we have 18 codes for their wonderful app, TransEz.  When we were sitting at 1982 likes on Facebook, CanDo Apps offered us 1 code for every new like up to 2000!  

You can enter via the Rafflecopter below. 

You can read more information, or buy it on the iTunes HERE

About TransEz from the iTunes Store: 
App Description
The “TransEz” app was created out of one parent’s necessity, mine. I’m confident it will find it’s self benefiting all those who use it. This app’s main focus is easing transitioning behaviors where ever and whenever needed through the convenience of ones most flexible mobile device the iPhone. It is a do it yourself flashcard and basic board option app with timer. The design has been kept simple and easy to use as to avoid over stimulating the end user.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, June 14, 2012

$50 iTunes card giveaway from Little Learning Tots!!

$50....  YES!  $50 iTunes Gift card Giveaway!! 

Not only is Alphabet Jumbled rated A+ by me, but it also received the Editors Favorite App by  Appy Smarts 

On behalf of Little Learning Tots brand new app Alphabet Jumbled we are hosting a competition where the winner (chosen randomly by Rafflecopter) will walk away with a $50 iTunes Gift Card. 

You need to own this app in order to enter, but don't worry because it's a brilliant, educational app as reviewed by iHeartThisApp.  

Buy Alphabet Jumbled for only $1.99 on iTunes HERE

Here's an excerpt of a review of Alphabet Jumbled written by iHeartThisApp and a video demo
You can find their full review HERE

NEWS FLASH!!  The iMums have just reviewed Alphabet Jumbled giving it 4/5!!  Read the review HERE

" Overall

Alphabet Jumbled is a very effective educational and game app that can hammer the alphabet into your children’s minds. Its different levels and activities make sure that not only will your children be addicted to this game, they will also have learned and mastered the alphabet by the time they finish.  "

ALSO, the first person to beat my time of 22 seconds that emails us with screenshot proof to will win a $10 iTunes Gift card!! (yes, I hogged my kids iPad for quite a while in order to get this score!! I just couldn't stop playing it and neither can my kids! ) 

Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, June 11, 2012


This is for everyone who is experiencing problems entering competitions on the **iHelp SN Kids** facebook pageWe are sorry for any inconvenience

These promotion's are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to **iHelpSNKids** and not to Facebook. The contact information you provide will only be used for for these competition's and will not be used for Marketing Purposes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Giveaway: Nintendo Wii Mario Kart Bundle.

WOOHOO!!!!!  Our iHelp SN Kids page only started late January 2012 and we have just soared past 2000 likes!!  

To celebrate we are giving away a Nintendo Wii Mario Kart Bundle.  
  Bundle includes Wii Black Console, Wii Mario Kart, Wii Wheel, Wii Remote Plus and Wii Nunchuk. 

This competition is a like-fest for all developers and pages who have showed continuous support by donating to our Feature Members because without them, we wouldn't reach goals :)

Enter via the Rafflecopter below

Friday, June 8, 2012

Competition: 2 x Trident Aegis iPad 2 Cases

We have 2 x Trident Aegis iPad 2 cases to give away!!  

You just have to donate $1 or more to Duane's Chipin to enter.

1 x case will be given away to a person who has previously NEVER donated to an iHelp Feature Member.

1 x case will be given away to a person who has donated to Duane + 1 or more other Feature Members in previous weeks. 

Donate $1 or more by pressing the orange Chipin button below.

NB: If you purchase/d Baby Learns Colors between 7 & 14th June you can also enter the appropriate Rafflecopter to win the Trident Aegis Case because you are indirectly donating to Duane as Baby Learns is donating $1 from each sale to his Chipin. 


Then enter the correct Rafflecopter competition below - SIMPLE!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Feature Member: Duane

This weeks feature member is Duane. Duane is a gorgeous little boy with ASD, SPD, Ventricular Septal Defect and also has a seizure disorder.   He finds it overwhelming to be in public places because of his sensory overload and his seizures.  Duanes parents are fundraising for an iPad.  He has some words but he is not easily understood and he finds it hard to get across his needs and wants. 

So help us get Duane an ipad to help him communicate and learn. Every child deserves to have the chance to do that. Every Dollar counts. Please share or donate :)

To help Duane along this week,  BABY LEARNS is donating $1 from every BABY LEARNS COLORS app sold between 7th & 14th June.  Read HERE for more information

$1 from every sale of Baby Learns Colors donated iHelp

$1 from every sale of BABY LEARNS COLORS between 7th & 14th June 
will be donated to our Feature Member!!  

As you can see it is a very colorful app which kids are drawn to.  

They'll sit and 'play' whilst learning their colors !  

Feed  and home the Bebeka's as a reward !

From Smart Apps for Kids review: 

"Baby Learns Colors by Bebebe Co. endeavors to teach children their colors and offers the opportunity to learn them in many different languages. From the home screen an adult can access settings, and the child has three options – to play with their Bebekas (once earned) in the reward area or to explore either the learn or play modes.
In the learn section the child can choose from three scenes: paint splotches, fish, and spaceships. Tapping on items results in the narrator saying their respective color and a small animation. The fish speed off when touched as do the ships in outer space. Children’s voices are used for the narration, which I find really engages my daughter Madelynn. 
Play mode consists of the same three scenes but this time the narrator asks the child to identify specific colors. For every five correct answers the player earns a Bebeka, which is described as a cute little creature who loves company. Clicking on the reward screen, the child can explore and feed their Bebekas. Also accessed from the play mode are three coloring books based on the same three screens the child has already played with the 14 colors the child has been practicing all available to use.
From the settings, a variety of languages can be chosen, some with several different narrators which can be downloaded (for free) and parents can also record their own narration. When I tried this app the first few times with Madelynn I left the narrating settings as they were but when she played and heard Mom and Dad’s voices her enthusiasm for the app increased. We hope to do more voiceovers with the grandparents when they come to visit.
The app is nicely illustrated; the animations are fun and engaging and the narration is crystal clear. The reward frequency is excellent for toddlers and the Bebekas are cute. I like that parents can record their own narration and it’s also possible to share voiceovers with other parents. " 

Here's a short demo on how Baby Learns Colors works.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vote to thank Sparky the Shark for their $80 donation

Sparky the Shark needs our help!  They have very generously donated $80 to Kira's Chipin page for an iPad so the least we can do for Sparky is to vote for them in a Facebook poll.  If you have a FB page, you can also log in with it and vote to get them an extra vote! 

It will take you about 5 seconds. 
 It is only 2 clicks of the mouse! 


^^ Check out a video review by Crazy Mike   ^^


Friday, June 1, 2012

Feature Member: Kira

Our new Feature Member Kira 

Kira was born with with a very serious brain injury and wasn't expected to live beyond 2 weeks. The birth family was sent home with hospice. Well, she's now 9 and doing great! She continues to amaze her doctors.

On Feb 4th, 2009 Kira's parents had to place a trach and do what's called a separation. This resulted in Kira forever losing her voice. 

An Ipad would give her voice back and allow her to make choices, something she's unable to do at this time. At this point Kira has no control over her environment and I would dearly love to change that.  $700 is the goal because she will need a 64gb iPad to run the AAC (communication app) properly.

Here is Kira's chipin page , every dollar counts as does every share of this cause. Let's help this beautiful little girl get a voice!

We also have a Rafflecopter competition for a $30 iTunes card (or PayPal cash) to be drawn if/when she reaches her goal whilst Feature Member on iHelp.  Enter below