Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Puzzle School series by Anlock Apps JUST LAUNCHED!

Anlock Apps' previously awesome app "Puzzle Race" has been re-launched as the "Puzzle School". 

The whole content has been rearranged according to age, not theme (as it used to be) into a new full line-up of applications.  It makes perfect sense to me why they now make age/developmental level-appropriate apps as opposed to one huge app for all ages.  You get exactly what you need for your child's individual level this way!  
Anlock Apps have done what I believe more developers should do and incorporated user feedback to improve their apps.

We all love Facebook, and a simple 'Like' to a developers page to keep up-to-date with what they are doing is important (for you & them), So y
ou can click right >> HERE << to find Anlock Apps on Facebook!  Tell them that the lovely ladies over at iHelp SN Kids sent you xx

 Anlock Apps have re-launched to help YOUR kids specifically with their fine motor skills, problem solving  and object identification development whilst they don't even know it because they are having too much fun :)

Before I proceed, I must say that the multi-player feature in apps such as these Puzzle School games are an instant winner in my house of 3+ ASD kids as it is SO important for them to engage with others.  This feature alone is enough to entice me to purchase this series.

Here we go!

Anlock Apps Lite version includes a sample of one puzzle per stage  (I love it when dev's include a Lite version to check out before paying $ for the full versions!)

2.       Puzzle School Stage 1: Kids 2+ ($2.99)

 "Stage 1" includes 103 picture perfect shapes puzzles 2 to 7 pieces for ages 2+,

 "Stage 2" includes 103 picture perfect frame puzzles 8 to 24 pieces for ages 4+,

4.       Puzzle School Stage 3: Kids 6+ ($2.99) 

"Stage 3" includes 100 picture perfect frame puzzles 35 and 45 pieces for ages 6+


The be-all and end-all of puzzle apps! Check it out :)

We have a heap of codes to drop, so watch for them on our Facebook page! 

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