Thursday, July 5, 2012

JACKSON - Feature Member

This week, we are doing something a little bit different for our Feature Member.  We are featuring a boy named Jackson.  

A happy and sweet 9yr old boy, Jackson loves jumping on his trampoline, navigating the iPad, playing with his siblings, and of course his passion is trains.

Jackson is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy (ESES), Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.  

With a cortical dysplasia malformation of the left side of his brain and constant subclinical seizures, it was determined in May 2012 that the only way to combat his rare form of Epilepsy is through a drastic brain surgery called a Hemispherectomy.  

Jackson underwent surgery on 30th June 2012 where they disconnected the left hemisphere from the right, to keep the right healthy.  

Jackson's Journey is shared on a blog CLICK HERE

How can YOU help? 

There are quite a few different options that I am going to copy from another blog Living with Logan.

1. Draw pictures, make rainbows, send a card or write him a letter.  All of these will be displayed in his hospital room to brighten it up.  They can be sent to: 

Special Happens / St. Aubin Family
9609 S. University Blvd. #630303
Littleton, CO 80163-0303

If you live internationally, you can email your creation to and we will print it out and post it.

2. Make a donation via his page - CLICK HERE TO DONATE

3. You can send gift cards for gas, groceries and restaurants, because food at home and hospital, and transportation are not optional.  

You can find all the links in one spot on this blog wonderfully written by Living with Logan.

You can also get updates via Jackson's Journey on the Facebook page. 

                Mail Flurry for Jackson **courtesy Beth Wilde**

Jackson's eCard movie **courtesy Deanne Shoyer** 


  1. I wish i was able to send more. sending a lovely Picture made by my Boy Alex

  2. Thanks for linking to the crazy link post on our blog. That's why I did it... so all the info would be in one place for others to access. Sure do appreciate your posting here and on fb! Thanks!!

  3. Sending a picture drawn by my son and a gift card first thing Monday morning!

  4. I sent several cards to him which were used to make a get well video for him. All of my cards are in the video.