Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ENDED - Giveaway: Abilipad by Appy Therapy

We have another code from Appy Therapy for Abilipad to give to someone deserving.  Please watch the videos below, read about it iTunes and comment here on the blog why you want the Abilipad App.  Leave your email address so we can contact you if you win.   Drawn 7th April 2012

Abilipad Tutorial Part 1 - covers the Notepad functions, including text-to-speech, word prediction, folder organisation and text editing.

Abilipad Tutorial Part 2 - covers keyboard editor functions including how to edit a saved keyboard and how to upload and download keyboards to the community share section.


  1. I think this app would be perfect for my preschoolers on the autism spectrum. I love that the app differentiates the purpose of words by using color. My students are so visual & I know that this will really help them out by visually showing them verbs, pronouns, etc. I like that the app is customizable so I can make it as functional as possible for my students. Thanks for this opportunity to win this app! Good luck everyone!

  2. sorry, forgot to leave my email address:


  3. I think that this app would help my son. He is non-verbal and also has vision issues.I think that the use of different colors to tell the difference between the words will help him, because we use different colors on his light box he responds to them. Thank you for the chance to win this app for my son.

  4. Hi! I would dearly love to win this app for a special boy in the third grade who is non verbal. He is autistic and is included in a general Ed classroom. Although he does not speak, he is trying to vocalize some. He is progressing in academics with collaborative assistance. He does not have anything beyond a go talk and he is ready for something to better meet his needs, He is a smart cookie and can be mischievous. He is a good artist. He noticed that all the teachers had name badges and he made his own, too. He is able to spell and loves computers. He has access to an iPad at school and we are working on getting one for home. I know he has all kinds of things to say, if we can give him a voice. The Abilipad would be absolutely perfect for him to use as a note pad, communicator, and classroom assistant. It would enable him to type his thoughts and speak. I believe he would be able to utilize the app with a good deal of independence. He really wants to speak...he tries his best to communicate with everyone. I would appreciate your consideration! I am his SLP.

  5. horselovertothemax@gmail.com I am a young adult with ASD and I would love to be able to use this app to communicate in addition to using my words verbally, because typing is easier for me than talking. I often expand more and it makes more sense when I type. Typing for me lets people see more into my world.

  6. cwolfpack3@aol.com I am a special ed teacher and I have three children of my own with multiple disabilities. I can see almost limitless uses for Abilipad, from speech therapy to social stories to note taking and more. However, with the typing and word prediction functions, I think my oldest son, who has Aspergers and dysgraphia, would benefit greatly from Abilipad when in class and struggling to keep up with note-taking. He could type, which is much easier and more legible for him, and the word prediction and spell check features would shorten the time he spends writing and proof-reading his class notes. He has struggled for years with finding the right tool to help him and as he moves towards transition to college, he won't have some of the options he had in public school for partially completed notes, fill-in-the-blank notes, etc.