Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feature Member - Kaylie

Introducing our new Feature Member, Kaylie.  

Please take a few minutes and watch the above video featuring Kaylie's story and pictures.  If it tugs at your heart strings, please click on the Chipin widget below and make a donation to give a voice to this beautiful girl who has gone through SO much in her 8 years.

Kaylie is 8 years old & only weighs 35 lbs. & is 38 inches tall. She was born premature with a multitude of medical problems. She suffered a stroke during birth which left her weakened and has caused difficulty with walking. She has Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Down Syndrome, Asthma Reactive Airway, Hypothyroidism, enlarged red blood cells, Peripheral Pulmonary Stenosis, Peripheral Artery Disease, heart Murmur, Hepatic problems & Laryngotracheomalacia. She is O2 dependent & breathes through a Tracheostomy. She has to use a Gastrointestinal Tube to eat, which causes difficulty speaking. Kaylie can communicate through American Sign Language, but as most people do not know ASL, this causes a lot of frustration for her. She does understand what's said to her.

Augmentative and alternative communication represents all forms of non-oral speech. Children with speech issues rely on non-verbal communication, either through body language, hand signs or through aided communications systems. Many special needs children use speech generating devices, but are met with different levels of success. The iPad is giving these children a new form of communication, at an affordable price. Speech Generating Devices can run intothe thousands of dollars, but the iPad is comparatively only $499+. The iPad is a great alternative for children with speech challenges and motor control problems, as the iPad is easy to use with its large touchscreen and swipe controls.

Remember: Even $1.00 is $1.00 closer to Kaylie receiving an iPad!

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