Friday, April 27, 2012

'Like' Abitalk on FB and $1 will be donated to Dawson!

Abitalk Mobile Education Apps  have just announced that they will donate $1 to our Feature Member Dawson for every new liker that they get that comments HERE ON THIS POST that iHelp SN Kids sent them!

Please go and like them and ask your friends to do this as well!

Thanks heaps Abitalk!!

This is their announcement post:

Hi, Everyone I would like to Make a Very Special Announcement on Behalf of and First I would like to say having 3 Children of my own I didn’t know what it felt like for all the other parents who have Autistic or on the Spectrum children till I had Aiden. I only knew what I saw from my Best Friend and what she was going through. How she Fought for her son. I admired her tons. Today he son is 18 and was named student of the month at his school.My Love, Admiration and Blessings go out to all the Parents, Children and Adults who fight everyday to show the world this can handled and they can live a Fulfilled Life. All we ask for is to show some respect and understanding. YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU WALK THE BOOTS WE WALK IN EVERYDAY. God Bless you all ..Thank you for help and time. – Dina 
PLEASE READ & Find it in your heart. Thank you will donate $1 to @iHelp SN Kids New Feature Member Dawson (up to $100) for each new liker Abitalk gets that comments on THIS status update that iHelp SN Kids sent you. 
Dawson is a 12yr old non-verbal boy with Autism and needs an iPad to use as a communication device. Please share this post and make a donation if you can too.

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