Sunday, April 1, 2012

ENDED: 50% OFF Cloth for Comfort - Weighted Lap Bags

Julie at Cloth for Comfort is offering these 4 x Weighted Lap Bags (valued at $42) to the first four  Australians to make a new donation of $20 or more to either

 BAILEY - OUR FEATURE MEMBER   goal reached 

If you want one email us at with proof of your donation and which pattern you prefer.  First in best dressed to pick the style !! I will update this post to let you know which one/s are remaining.

Blue and white stripes -  SOLD

Calico - decorate your own!

2 x Zany

These Cloth for Comfort Weighted Lap Bags are used in many home, 
clinical, school and work environments for those living with (but not 
limited to) Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism, ADHD, ADD, Anxiety and 
Restless Leg Syndrome.

Deep pressure can stimulate the release of serotonin in the brain, in turn helping children and adults to be calm, relaxed, focus on a task and self regulate their sensory input. In a practical sense, Weighted Lap Bags can be placed on the child/adults lap at times like; at a restaurant sitting at the table, during seated 
classroom activities, doing their homework on a computer, travelling on public transport/car as well as in the workplace or home computer for adults.

They are filled with non-toxic plastic pellets (the same that are used in some teddy bears and soft toys). The shape of these Weighted Lap Bags makes them 'mould' to the shape of a child in the seated position, with the pellets divided evenly between 2 rows of 5 sections each to ensure balanced weight distribution, with the centre sections sitting inbetween their legs to make a more 'snug' or 'moulded' fitting over their legs, to make the fitting more secure over their legs.

The weighted lap bags are 1.5kg and are approx 45cm x 28cm. These Cloth 
for Comfort Weighted Lap Bags are fully machine washable and they are 
covered by a single layer of material, and sewn using a heavyweight 
cotton thread. 

These Cloth for Comfort weighted Lap Bags (valued at $42each), are discontinued stock as the new design now has a double layer of material enclosing the pellets. As they are now discontinued I needed to find them another home and thought iHelp SN Kids could use these to raise some further funds for the incredibly deserving children they support!

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