Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coming up on iHelp SN Kids!

Here Is A Sneak Preview !

This is just two if the many awesome Apps and developers .
Who will be showcased on iHelp SN Kids in the coming weeks! 

iHome Educator , Inc

iLiveMath Trains !

The natural language engine also generates questions around the art of stamp collecting, trade, countries, and currency. Do you remember the joy of riding your first train? The excitement as you felt the whistle blow and the engineer call "All Aboard!". Did you ever collect stamps as a child or as an adult? . iLiveMath Trains includes over 60 photos of trains, educational links, and educational videos with a natural language word problem generator that creates an endless stream of questions to challenge and engage your  Child or Students.  



A & R Entertainment , Educative Games 

Super 3D Alphabet !


A Puzzle Game for Kids to play with Letters of the Alphabet in 26 Puzzles and 4 other Games.The alphabet has 26 letters, your children will be able to discover them through 3D puzzles of each letter.Four other games are also included, to extend the pleasure of discovering the alphabet : 2 memory games, one visual and one acoustic, a game to draw letters and another one to recognize their pronunciations.Super 3D alphabet is the perfect game to have fun discovering the letters of the alphabet.                                       



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