Thursday, April 26, 2012

FUNDRAISER : Help Our Awesome Admin's Son, Harrison

Hey everyone, one of our hard working iHelp Admins Natalie has had to start a fundraiser to get her own son some help.

She is raising funds so that handsome Harrison can see a Specialist Paediatrician and also get some much-needed Speech Therapy.  Please donate or share his Fundraising page on your social networks.

Harrison's Cause Page Link (click me) 

Nat's going through a rough patch and is unable to work due to medical problems that she has herself and her husband's work hours have just been cut.  She has called all of the possible service providers only to be told that they can't help unless he has an ASD diagnosis.  There is a long wait list for him to begin Early Intervention, so she has taken it into her own hands to do something to help him NOW when he needs it the most.


  1. AppAble Developer of the week event sent me here (this time), but I'm praying for you guys Nat!!

  2. AppAble Developer of the week event sent me here! Best wishes on your fundraiser!! Blessings sent your way!