Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood ~ App By Gerardo Iula

We at iHelp would like to introduce you to Gerardo Iula. He is the developer for Simiula. He has taken classic stories and turned them into apps.

They are beautifully drawn by Graziano Vitale with an amazing narration as well! The best thing about this app besides the artwork is the auto scroll for the book. Instead of tapping for pages to flip the story side scrolls on its own. I love that feature for kids with limited mobility and younger readers.

For the next two days he has generously made his Little Red Riding Hood App FREE. So go download it! Its a really cute app and has an addition puzzle game that is different each time you play it. Also check out the other apps by him, there are many classic tales in there for kids to read or have read to. 

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