Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ended: WIN! The Amazing Spider-Man: An Original Story by DISNEY

COMPETITION: 3 x codes for DISNEY'S The Amazing Spider-Man: An Original Story App

When high school student Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, he is given sensational abilities that allow him to crawl up walls and leap great distances, just like a spider! But when tragedy strikes Peter’s Uncle Ben, Peter vows to use his newfound abilities for the good of all mankind as Spider-Man! Be here to experience Peter’s transformation from average teenager into the Amazing Spider-Man! Then help Peter learn to use his new powers, web-swing through the city, and stop crime as the spectacular Spider-Man! 

       Narrated by comic book legend and Spider-Man co-creator Stan “The Man” Lee!
       Interactive story-themed spider-games throughout: Help Peter Parker learn to use his powers—test your strength, swing through the city, use your web-shooters to stop a burglar and much more! 
       Secret Spider Hunt to win your very own “No-Prize!” 
       Multiple Reading Modes: Read to Me, Read by Myself, Auto-Turn Pages, and Younger Reader Mode 
       Action-packed artwork throughout! 
       Includes Spidey sound effects and music!

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