Tuesday, May 29, 2012

AUCTION: Prince W2AUS Tour shirt - signed by NPG Members

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a MASSIVE Prince fan.  We even named
our daughter Zannalee - a song from his Chaos & Disorder album! 

My beautiful Zannalee :)

Prince is touring Australia at the moment and I managed to arrange a meet-up
with some of his band members to have them sign some merchandise to auction 
off and benefit iHelp SN Kids Feature Members!

So first up I have a Medium sized Purple WELCOME 2 AUSTRALIA Tour shirt 
signed by The Twinz (Maya & Nandy McCLean), Shelby Johnson & John 
Blackwell Jr up for Auction!!

In the photos on eBay you will see my 5yr old son, Anzac (who has Autism) and his 
Uncle Jase with them on the day we had the items signed (Sat 26th May, 2012).

Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of John Blackwell Jr because we were 
too busy admiring his new gold drumsticks necklace when we met him up in his 
hotel room in Brisbane :)

We will have 2 other NPG signed items up for auction in the very near future, so 
keep an eye out for them! 

I stopped filming when I did because I got a tap on the shoulder from security. 
But all was good, he just pointed to one of Prince's employees on the lower level 
who was trying to give Anzac a tour book from Prince himself !!!! 
He took the tour book for show and tell at school today and told everyone that he 
is 'the' coolest and luckiest kid in the World - I tend to agree with him :) 

Big huge thank you goes to Maya & Nandy for not only agreeing to meet and 
sign items, but for asking Shelby & John to join with them in supporting iHelp SN Kids

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