Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Feature Member: Joseph

Meet our new Feature Member Joseph!! Joseph has Spastic Quad Dystonic Cerebral Palsy and Complex Focal/Partial Epilepsy.

Joseph motor milestones have been severely impacted by his medical diagnosis. He is non-ambulatory and uses a wheelchair. He has reduced head and trunk control. The use of his hands and arms is significantly reduced. Joseph has severe dysarthria resulting in severely reduced speech intelligibility. An iPad will give him an alternative communication option.
He is sharing the classroom iPad at school, but if Joseph was to receive a iPad of his own it can be customized to his own needs and be used both in and outside of school.
Joseph's mum, Julia is fundraising for an iPad are also a wheelchair mount and a AAC for communication.

Please share this post and make a donation if you are able to. Even if it's just $1 - EVERY dollar counts and is appreciated :)

To make a donation. please go to Joseph's Give Forward page

Medical Fundaising Made Simple

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