Monday, May 7, 2012

The selfless act of Zoe (7yrs old)

I was a bit nervous filming this video this morning - thinking to myself  "I know how much you LOVE getting Canteen, but please make the right choice honey" 

It could have backfired...... and then it would never have been published

But it didn't backfire - and I am so proud of my beautiful 7yr old daughter Zoe for making the correct decision.

Zoe has an Autism Spectrum Disorder which, to those in the know, is evident in this video due to her gazing at EVERYTHING apart from me when I am speaking to her.


As a direct result of seeing this video on my wall, a Facebook friend of mine David Ready wrote:  Being the dad of two daughters myself, now both wonderful adults, I am just so impressed with your gorgeous, beautiful, (both inner and outer), little daughter. What a kid! I am so proud of her as well, and I will match her $10. What a beautiful way to start the week. Thanks for sharing.

  Leave a message here for Zoe if you are also willing to match her donation.  You'd make her day at the same time as supporting a boy with Cerebral Palsy who needs an iPad, a wheelchair mount and an AAC (communication app).

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