Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We're Overwhelmed - Thank you

Today marks the day that we hit our first big milestone - 1000 FB Like's !!  Thank you to everyone who shared our page in order to get more people to support us..... or was it the fact that we are now able to give away an iPad2 ??!!

We are all working extremely hard at iHelp SN Kids to organize our first ever App & Prize Party!! 
 This IS a group effort, but a super-special "shout out" goes to Nat who is well known to put in 110%   (and I hope she doesn't know how to edit the blog because she'll delete this comment straight away and get up me because we are a team!!)

iHelp have been taken by surprise at the amount of developers and businesses who have agreed to support our page over the past fortnight.  We have even had several instances where businesses and developers have actively seeked US out requesting to take part in our App & Prize Party to show their support for what we are doing!!

  It has truly been overwhelming and humbling to say the least that so many of you believe in and support what we are doing for the Special Needs community world-wide!  

We did not set out to have an App party - it didn't even cross our minds initially.  We sent a heap of emails out to our favourite developers and businesses and in a day or two were inundated with positive responses and suddenly had all of these codes and offers of merchandise.  We were taken aback by the amount of positive responses.  

What was also nice about reading the responses was that a lot of those who were unable to donate anything took the time to send us words of encouragement - which was equally appreciated.  It's what keeps us going!!  

Finally, we take our hats off to ANYBODY who has organized an App party in the past... 
and please be kind to us during the week starting 31st April because we are rookies who are trying our hardest to make this a huge success !!!

Here is a list (in alphabetical order because I'm pedantic about things like that) of those who will be taking part in our App and Prize party in some way - big or small - we appreciate all of you equally.  This list is by no means a complete list because we are still in the process of communicating with some people.

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