Saturday, March 31, 2012

ENDED - Giveaway: Jellystone Designs Owl Necklaces

Jellystone Designs have kindly given us 7 of these Owls to give away on Facebook - 1 for each day of our App & Prize Party!   They are available in AQUA TIFFANY, EGGPLANT, FUSHIA BUBBLEGUM, PEAPOD GREEN, SCARLET RED, SNOW WHITE, STORMY GREY, TEAL BLUE.  
We have chosen 1 colour for each day - you just have to be the first person to guess on our FB post with the exact colour of the day & you win !!  ie: eggplant is correct - purple is incorrect.    Once you have commented please head over and thank them for supporting iHelp!

You can find their full range HERE

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