Monday, June 18, 2012

iWant... A Visual text and Audio Communicator for all ages!

A wonderful story about how an Australian father who happens to live locally to me has created apps to help his son (and many others who own them) to communicate via the iPad xxx

Thanks heaps Anthony for sharing with us.

"iWant.. is another App for my Joshua and all other kids and adults"

The iWant..App has arrived.

The Communication Solution App. Specifically designed for you and your needs!
Using your iPad, iPod and/or iPhone, just scroll through the images you created, select your request, tap on it, it will expand to a full screen image with the photo, text and voices audio request, hold it up to the person or people to simply and quickly communicate.

Create your own request by photographing your 'want', or simple select an image from your photo collection, type your request and then use your own voice to record audio, that will ask for your request, then save; SIMPLE and you have created it specifically for you!!

Joshua, my beautiful autistic son response better when he see an image of my face, rather than a stick drawing or the picture provided in the App. This is also true with his mums voice rather than a stranger, this means, other people must also benefit and respond better when iWant.. is design and created specific for the person’s needs, which means they request to communicate with their guardian, family member’s, careers or teachers or the public with confidence and ease.
For both children and adults with communication difficulties we have the best way to quickly and easy communicate by "asking I want......!!"

A Full Screen image, text and a voice over makes communicating highly effective. There are a few excellent Apps on the market now. Expensive, with 1000's of choices and options, all on one page!. We have found that Joshua has about 60 regular demands. So we created 60 images ready for him to look through and select. 20 images fit to an iPad page and you have the ability to scroll up and down to select your 'iWant.."image.
With Joshua for example, we take a picture of our backyard so he can select an image that he already knows and understands so it becomes easy for him to recognize and select to show and play, "i want to go play in our backyard please"; We do the same with his favourite park, our bathroom, his juice cup, etc, everything is tailored to his specific needs; and now you can do the same for your love one, friend or student with a special need.

I’m just a dad, nearly 50, trying to help his son, iWant.. and i can now say, Joshua a few days ago came to he held up his drink, I signed and said, "speaking", he responded, "I want juice"!!! for me I know i have helped my son, it will take time and effort for him, but he has gone forward and now I know it will also help other kids and adults as well as their families, careers, schools, Speech therapist, school mates and friends, the public, etc.; I believe iWant.. can assist in creating communication.

iWant; the affordable communication solution App you will use!

Please also look out for iSpoke Flash Cards: create your own albums with your own themes, again designed for you!

One news article

Joshua was also on the TODAY SHOW

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