Thursday, June 7, 2012

$1 from every sale of Baby Learns Colors donated iHelp

$1 from every sale of BABY LEARNS COLORS between 7th & 14th June 
will be donated to our Feature Member!!  

As you can see it is a very colorful app which kids are drawn to.  

They'll sit and 'play' whilst learning their colors !  

Feed  and home the Bebeka's as a reward !

From Smart Apps for Kids review: 

"Baby Learns Colors by Bebebe Co. endeavors to teach children their colors and offers the opportunity to learn them in many different languages. From the home screen an adult can access settings, and the child has three options – to play with their Bebekas (once earned) in the reward area or to explore either the learn or play modes.
In the learn section the child can choose from three scenes: paint splotches, fish, and spaceships. Tapping on items results in the narrator saying their respective color and a small animation. The fish speed off when touched as do the ships in outer space. Children’s voices are used for the narration, which I find really engages my daughter Madelynn. 
Play mode consists of the same three scenes but this time the narrator asks the child to identify specific colors. For every five correct answers the player earns a Bebeka, which is described as a cute little creature who loves company. Clicking on the reward screen, the child can explore and feed their Bebekas. Also accessed from the play mode are three coloring books based on the same three screens the child has already played with the 14 colors the child has been practicing all available to use.
From the settings, a variety of languages can be chosen, some with several different narrators which can be downloaded (for free) and parents can also record their own narration. When I tried this app the first few times with Madelynn I left the narrating settings as they were but when she played and heard Mom and Dad’s voices her enthusiasm for the app increased. We hope to do more voiceovers with the grandparents when they come to visit.
The app is nicely illustrated; the animations are fun and engaging and the narration is crystal clear. The reward frequency is excellent for toddlers and the Bebekas are cute. I like that parents can record their own narration and it’s also possible to share voiceovers with other parents. " 

Here's a short demo on how Baby Learns Colors works.  

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