Monday, December 17, 2012

Ellie's Wings App Review

Ellie's Wings by Danial Sonnenfeld is an awesome app! With six different winged animals to choose from and a varied selection of colors to choose from it makes a great painting app.

With the ability to pick different characters and colors and interactive accents there are tons of possibilities with this app. With each touch of the screen a sound is played and if you drop the paint bucket the character hands you a towel to mop it up with!

Swipe across the wing on the left and it shows up the same on the right wing, never a chance to mess up. The characters interact with you as well as you pick and choose what to put on their wings and then place them on there. With oohs and ahhs and lots of giggles your children are bound to have lots of fun with this app!

As soon as I put this app on my iPad my kids were off and running with it. They all loved it and priced at only 99 cents its a great app with a great price!

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Also here is a video for the app here on YouTube!

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