Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Meet Logan. This little boy is a 4 year old ball of energy who happens to have a multitude of diagnosis such as :

1. Autism Spectrum Disorder: aspergers and PDD-NOS
2. Generalized anxiety disorder
3. Sensory Processing disorder
4. Separation anxiety disorder
7. IED: intermittent explosive disorder
8. Attachment disorder
9. Failure to thrive.

                          Warning Video May Be Disturbing For Some Viewers

Logan's story and update's can be found on his fundraising page.
His parents had access to a tablet before his father was laid off from his job and he
Unfortunately the rented tablet had to be returned. Logan really needs an iPad to
communicate his needs better without getting frustrated because his family doesn't understand.

 Let's help Logan learn, grow and communicate effectively and reach his full potential.
 Please donate and share. Even if it takes a month let's get this little boy an ipad!!

Logan & His Family

iHelp SN Kids have seen lives changed in previous feature members and what an iPad has done for their...let's change another iHelpers :)

You can donate to Logan: HERE via YouCaring

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